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Welcome to the Gym Dogs Blog.

Here we will be posting articles on Gym Dogs, along with news and articles on how to buy and Sell NFT’s.

How to bid on crypto collectibles

  Bidding on a NFT on Opensea   Have you ever seen a CryptoKitty that you really wanted, but it was just a little too expensive? Or perhaps the kitty wasn’t even on sale, but you’d simply love to get a hold of it? OpenSea has a solution to these problems: we...

Beginner’s guide to creating & selling digital art NFTs

  Buying and Selling NFTs on Opensea As word spreads about the rise of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs),  more people, from artists to creators, are looking to sell their work on the blockchain. For many, the first steps can be tricky to overcome. Crypto wallets?...